The Trump prophecy 2018

The trump prophecy Full Movie: In view of real everts, the story encompasses a fire fighter. And open hireling Mark Taylor who heard an extraordinary message from God about change in our country. At the point when Mary Colbert, an organizer and connector of Christian services. Heard Mark’s message she felt called to begin a national supplication development. Which developed to a large number of individuals over our country asking together for the authority of America. And an arrival to the Godly standards we were established upon. The Trump Prophecy recounts the narrative of Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert. Through the race of 2016 pursued by an intelligent time got notification from pioneers in different divisions of confidence, business, fund, military, and world undertakings who react with their point of view on what it takes to make America extraordinary once more. Welcome to watch The Trump prophecy.

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Directed by: Stephan Schultze
Produced by: Rick Eldridge
Written by:
Rick Eldridge
Jimmy Hager

Chris Nelson
Paulette Todd
Karen Boles
Don Brooks

Cinematography: Micah Johnson
Production company: ReelWorksStudios
Distributed by: Fathom Events
Release date: October 2, 2018
Country: United States
Budget: $2 million

The Trump prophecy

Mid one morning in 2011. After years working at Orlando’s bustling Station 2. Taylor battled with discouragement, self-destructive considerations and indications of PTSD. Taylor says he likewise was being visited by evil presences. Holy messengers, even God. God gave him an amazing prediction: “The Spirit of God says I’ve picked this man Donald Trump for such a period as this.” It is the great time to Watch The Trump prophecy 2018 and enjoy with your family and friends. You can easily download the movie The Trump prophecy 2018. Don’t miss to watch or delay to watch or download the movie.